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Custom packages for Digidi members

We are so excited to get to know you, and want to know what your take is on the perfect production package! Let us know by answering the survey below. By applying your demands, we will create a new optimized package solution for the members!
We are so excited to get started! 

We offer a range of productions and services to help you achieve your creative goals. To get started, simply follow these steps:

1) Go to Patreon and select your package to start your monthly subscription

2) Go to Booking and create a member log-in to get access to your productions and services 

3) Create your personal Break-Even Plan (BEP) and add in the booking details  



As a member of DiGiDi, you get 10% off on your first production package!


Contact us at or +45 30312510 if you have any questions.

We're here to help you and guide you through the booking system.

Pay production fee before booking

*Remember to add the Patreon Package you subscribed to


Music Video Production

Postproduktion i proces

Music Video Production

We produce your music videos, Promotion videos and Content Productions! From your creative idea, to final cut. Send us your pitch, script, and music profile descriptions. You can either request a production on demand with up-front payment, or you can book a package by signing up for a membership on PATREON, and select your break-even payment plan. Click the picture above for more detailed information! For signing up go to PATREON. When you're registered, go to BOOKING to book your productions and services.

See you there!

Photo Shoot



We collaborate with a team of professional photographers, ready to make your dream of an amazing photo collection come true. We work with a wide range of photographers from different industry fields and very different approcahes.

Our photographers come from varied backgrounds in the industry: Fashion, commercial, portrait, music artists and performances, lingeri, creative, model portfolio, jewelry etc. 

Click the picture above to get a look into some of our photographer's work. 

See you there!

 MentalVoice I Coaching





Crowd Applausing

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Connected Art Studio is proud to collaborate with MentalVoice, and to offer individual coaching for all artistic and creative people out there, who want to work with your artistic and personal growth, or maybe you struggle with difficult issues in the industry as performance pressure or identity insecurities. Get the best tools to manage your individual challenges.  

We support MentalVoice's important work on Mental Health, where all the activities help artists of all fields to stand strong on their individual artistic journey. As a music artist, model or actor, you get proof secured mental tools to stand solid and clearminded, build up your own resilience, an find your artistic purposefulness, to reach your creative and personal goals.

Click on the picture above to get detailed information on MentalVoice and the vision.


Møde på korridoren

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Social Media and video Promotion  

We offer Social Media promotion and promotion videos to get your creative profile heard and seen. We create nice professional texts, videos, upload your pictures and promote your artistic profile on the media platform that you decide. You select or mix your own package when you sign up at PATREON, and book your promotion services when you go to BOOKING.

If you click the picture above, it leads you to the details of the promotion. See you there!

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