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Amalie Hjørnholt

MODEL  Commercial I Brand  

Hight 5'7" - 171 cm - Size 26/ EU 34 - S/XS
Photos: Martin Johannsen /Jens Roved
Make-Up & Styling: Malene Lydholm/ Signe Pank
Studio & Light: : Tue Schiørring Fotostudie /Vanhorn
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My Profile

Hi, my name is Amalie and on a daily basis I work as a dancer and dance teacher. Besides dancing, I study and am in the process of learning Spanish. I enjoy working with people, which I do on a daily basis. I try to have a positive attitude towards life and everyday life and spend a lot of my time on what I find fun or exciting. In addition, I spend my time being with the people I care about the most and who also care about me.I think it's fun to do different kinds of shoots, both the calm, creative, fashionable and crazy ones... I am open to ideas and always do my best to make the idea a reality.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

To get more information and for booking, please contact the agency.

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TEL: +45 30312510

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